Updated package list to match new versions / new packages.
[beastbuild.git] / Makefile
2009-07-14 Stefan WesterfeldThe Makefile works now, even if . is not in PATH.
2009-06-28 Stefan Westerfeldlibmad fixes (for mp3 support); bump version to 0.1.3
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMerged.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldNew TODO items. Better default target for make.
2009-06-14 stefanUpdate version to 0.1.2.
2009-06-10 stefanIntegrated relocate via exename. This should make insta...
2009-05-17 stefanInstall mingw/msys automatically.
2009-05-07 stefanMore beast fixes.
2009-04-26 stefanAllow typing make to start beastbuild.