Updated package list to match new versions / new packages.
[beastbuild.git] / TODO
2009-09-07 unknownMore TODO.
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://stefan@space.twc.de...
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldNew implementation for rm_rf; should work on unix with...
2009-07-18 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODO.
2009-07-17 Stefan WesterfeldTODO updates.
2009-07-02 Stefan WesterfeldTODO changes.
2009-06-29 Stefan WesterfeldNew TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore work on the TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore work on the TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODOs.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldSome more TODOs.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMerged.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldNew TODO items. Better default target for make.
2009-06-28 unknownNew abstraction layer in birnet for Win32/Unix differences.
2009-06-17 stefanWrote generic import_all function using __import__...
2009-06-13 stefanMake grep and fontconfig use -g IFF debug build is...
2009-06-13 stefanCommitting TODO items.
2009-06-13 stefan- rm_rf fixed in conjunction with write protected files
2009-06-09 stefanIntroduced the concept of creating a binary tarball...
2009-05-22 stefanTODO updates.
2009-05-17 stefanUpdates.
2009-05-13 stefanHandle drive letter better in unix paths.
2009-05-09 stefanBeast patches level 8.
2009-05-02 stefanMore stuff that works.
2009-05-02 stefanLess TODO.
2009-05-02 stefanSome improvements.
2009-05-02 stefanMore packages, more stuff.
2009-05-01 stefanFixes to make gnome-doc-utils build.
2009-04-28 stefanImprovements in the BEAST package.
2009-04-28 stefanMore utils.
2009-04-27 stefanThings to do.