Updated package list to match new versions / new packages.
[beastbuild.git] / beastbuild.py
2009-07-25 Stefan WesterfeldAdded --download-only command line option.
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://stefan@space.twc.de...
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldSupport building without dependencies with the --no...
2009-07-11 Stefan WesterfeldChanged package format towards a more clean dependency...
2009-07-05 Stefan WesterfeldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://stefan@space.twc.de...
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldEnable logging.
2009-07-04 Stefan Westerfeld- use native() path where necessary
2009-06-19 stefanFixed a bug in delete error reporting. origin
2009-06-17 stefanRemove CR/LF line endings from the source code reposito...
2009-06-17 stefanWrote generic import_all function using __import__...
2009-06-12 stefan- add wget and nullsoft scriptable installer
2009-06-09 stefanAdded NSIS installer to downloads.
2009-06-09 stefanIntroduced the concept of creating a binary tarball...
2009-06-03 stefanAdded compile rules for bseportaudio driver.
2009-05-22 stefanAdded PortAudioV19 port.
2009-05-18 stefanAdd hook where packages can register environment variables.
2009-05-18 stefanMoved unused packages to "attic".
2009-05-17 stefanAdded slashx, a small program to prevent MSys path...
2009-05-17 stefanInstall mingw/msys automatically.
2009-05-10 stefanCCache finally builds and works.
2009-05-09 stefanBeast patches level 8.
2009-05-02 stefanSome improvements.
2009-05-02 stefanDiff to get freetype to build.
2009-05-01 stefanMore packages, more work on making gtkdoc installable.
2009-05-01 stefanFixes.
2009-04-29 stefanIntroduced stamp files, to skip already installed packa...
2009-04-29 stefanPackage updates.
2009-04-29 stefanNew packages, new patches.
2009-04-28 stefanImprovements in the BEAST package.
2009-04-28 stefanSlight improvement in perl xml parser (does not yet...
2009-04-28 stefanMore split up work.
2009-04-28 stefanStarted to split build instruction into several files.
2009-04-27 stefandon't use env variables for cfg
2009-04-26 stefanSome more or less working packages added.
2009-04-25 stefanAdded more beast build stuff.
2009-04-25 stefanmore work on md5 hashes
2009-04-25 stefanMD5 sums added to ensure download completion.
2009-04-24 stefanInitial beastbuild checkin.