2011-08-08 Stefan Westerfeldmsyscore: fix download link
2010-04-09 Stefan WesterfeldAdded msysgit installation dir to configuration. Add...
2010-04-06 Stefan WesterfeldUpdated ActivePerl to perl-
2010-04-06 Stefan WesterfeldUpgraded nsis untgz plugin to 1.0.18.
2010-01-20 Stefan WesterfeldAdded appropriate .gitignore files.
2010-01-20 Stefan WesterfeldAdd .tar.lzma extraction support; upgrade sed to versio...
2010-01-19 Stefan WesterfeldAdd lzma support to tar extraction function.
2010-01-16 unknownREADME updated.
2010-01-16 unknownSome changes to make git and vim work.
2010-01-16 unknownUpdated package list to match new versions / new packages.
2010-01-16 unknownMove old patches to attic/; we use a git branch for...
2010-01-14 U-SevenCorn... Make beastdocs package work properly with git.
2010-01-14 U-SevenCorn... Added package for beast docs.
2009-12-21 unknownUpdated to gtk version gtk-2.18.5.
2009-12-20 unknownFix the download location.
2009-09-29 unknownAdded repository template for git checkouts from git...
2009-09-07 unknownMore TODO.
2009-09-07 unknownUpgraded from msys 1.0.11 release candidate to 1.0...
2009-09-07 unknownUse git win32 branch as upstream source instead of...
2009-09-07 unknownInitial support for checking out git trees instead...
2009-07-27 unknownFix make -j6 under windows.
2009-07-25 Stefan WesterfeldAdded --download-only command line option.
2009-07-23 unknownSupport parallel builds using make -jN.
2009-07-23 unknownAdd required dependency to gettext.
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldUse wget.exe on windows and wget on linux.
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldFixed typo causing unix compiles to abort.
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldSupport building without dependencies with the --no...
2009-07-19 Stefan WesterfeldNew implementation for rm_rf; should work on unix with...
2009-07-18 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODO.
2009-07-17 Stefan WesterfeldTODO updates.
2009-07-17 Stefan WesterfeldRemoved; a template named config-template...
2009-07-17 Stefan WesterfeldRemoved ; instead provided
2009-07-17 unknownMake "set -o pipefail" work under windows by running...
2009-07-16 Stefan WesterfeldUse pipefail option to bail out if a patch can not...
2009-07-14 Stefan WesterfeldRemoved unused patches; make compile...
2009-07-14 Stefan WesterfeldThe Makefile works now, even if . is not in PATH.
2009-07-14 Stefan WesterfeldUse new birnet patch - works better under Unix.
2009-07-11 Stefan WesterfeldAdded default dependency list implementation: no packages.
2009-07-11 Stefan WesterfeldChanged package format towards a more clean dependency...
2009-07-05 Stefan WesterfeldMake it compile under linux.
2009-07-05 Stefan WesterfeldMake it compile under linux.
2009-07-05 Stefan WesterfeldMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-07-05 Stefan WesterfeldMake it work under linux and windows.
2009-07-04 unknownRefactor compile method into configure method and compi...
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldAdd log directory.
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldEnable logging.
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldMerged logging code in beastutils.
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldUse .native() path where necessary.
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldRemove single quotes which are interpreted as part...
2009-07-04 Stefan Westerfeld- use native() path where necessary
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldUse native() paths where necessary.
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldUse .native() paths where necessary.
2009-07-04 Stefan WesterfeldProvide .native() paths, which is /x/y on Linux and...
2009-07-02 Stefan WesterfeldTODO changes.
2009-06-29 Stefan WesterfeldNew TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore work on the TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore work on the TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODOs.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldSome more TODOs.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODO.
2009-06-28 Stefan Westerfeldlibmad fixes (for mp3 support); bump version to 0.1.3
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMerged.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldMerged.
2009-06-28 Stefan WesterfeldNew TODO items. Better default target for make.
2009-06-28 unknownNew abstraction layer in birnet for Win32/Unix differences.
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldAdded dist_image building to expat.
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldAdded portaudio to dependancies.
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldGot rid of debugging print during patch phase.
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldRemoved patches that are no longer required for beast...
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldSmall cleanup.
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldMoved old/unsupported packages to attic.
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldUpdated build instructions to use c:\beastbuild-git...
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldAdapted docbookdtd4_2 to dist_image. Minor cleanups...
2009-06-21 Stefan WesterfeldUpdated code to properly create and install a dist...
2009-06-20 unknownAdded necessary dependancies to be able to use Yummy...
2009-06-20 unknownChanged default path for beastbuild checkout to c:...
2009-06-19 stefanFixed a bug in delete error reporting. origin
2009-06-19 stefanMake libao buildable.
2009-06-18 stefanAdded tool which detects the newline style of a text...
2009-06-17 stefanAdded code for line end detection / normalization.
2009-06-17 stefanRemove CR/LF line endings from the source code reposito...
2009-06-17 stefanWrote generic import_all function using __import__...
2009-06-15 stefanModified patch level argument to match the patch.
2009-06-15 stefanSimplified the configure test according to #581123.
2009-06-14 stefanUpdate version to 0.1.2.
2009-06-14 stefanFixed two trivial errors, to unbreak the build.
2009-06-13 stefanMake clear_and_unpack more verbose.
2009-06-13 stefanSome work on the uninstaller.
2009-06-13 stefanMake grep and fontconfig use -g IFF debug build is...
2009-06-13 stefanCommitting TODO items.
2009-06-13 stefanIntroduce clear_and_unpack function, to ensure that...
2009-06-13 stefan- rm_rf fixed in conjunction with write protected files
2009-06-12 stefanAdd untgz NSIS plugin.
2009-06-12 stefan- add wget and nullsoft scriptable installer
2009-06-10 stefanCreate required directories so that a clean rebuild...
2009-06-10 stefanIntegrated relocate via exename. This should make insta...
2009-06-09 stefanAdded NSIS installer to downloads.
2009-06-09 stefanInstaller script for beast.
2009-06-09 stefanThis has its own file now.