descriptionBeastBuild - a windows build environment for beast.
ownerStefan Westerfeld
last changeFri, 12 Aug 2011 13:43:25 +0000 (15:43 +0200)
2011-08-12 Stefan Westerfeldbuildutils: allow fetching files from directory with... master
2011-08-08 Stefan Westerfeldmsys utils: fix download urls
2011-08-08 Stefan Westerfeldnsis_untgz: Fix archive filename.
2011-08-08 Stefan Westerfeldutils: handle permanent redirect for downloads
2011-08-08 Stefan Westerfeldmsyscore: fix download link
2010-04-09 Stefan WesterfeldAdded msysgit installation dir to configuration. Add...
2010-04-06 Stefan WesterfeldUpdated ActivePerl to perl-
2010-04-06 Stefan WesterfeldUpgraded nsis untgz plugin to 1.0.18.
2010-01-20 Stefan WesterfeldAdded appropriate .gitignore files.
2010-01-20 Stefan WesterfeldAdd .tar.lzma extraction support; upgrade sed to versio...
2010-01-19 Stefan WesterfeldAdd lzma support to tar extraction function.
2010-01-16 unknownREADME updated.
2010-01-16 unknownSome changes to make git and vim work.
2010-01-16 unknownUpdated package list to match new versions / new packages.
2010-01-16 unknownMove old patches to attic/; we use a git branch for...
2010-01-14 U-SevenCorn... Make beastdocs package work properly with git.
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