2018-04-01 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: slightly adjust velocity sens default and range velocity
2018-04-01 Stefan WesterfeldTESTS: testvelocity - test velocity -> gain mapping
2018-04-01 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: display velocity sensitivity in output operator...
2018-04-01 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: use output velocity sensitivity in midi synth
2018-04-01 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: add velocity sensitivity to output
2018-04-01 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: provide velocity_to_gain function, using velocity...
2018-04-01 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO++
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO--
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldVST: use -no-undefined to avoid link warning on windows
2018-03-31 Stefan Westerfeld GLUI: use -no-undefined to avoid link warning on windows
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: use -no-undefined to avoid link warning on windows
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldPUGL: fix compiler warnings in pugl_win.cpp
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: replace assert (false) with g_assert_not_reached()
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldTESTS: rely on Audio default initialization
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: avoid setting sample_count, rely on Audio default...
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: default-zero-initialize all members of Audio class
2018-03-31 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: fix printf format related warnings on windows/mxe
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: use gnu_printf for printf format, to avoid warning...
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: fix dpi scaling (via canDo) in bitwig/windows
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO--
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: transient parent does more harm than good for...
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: use glib api to mmap file, which also works on...
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: transient parent improvements
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: make external file open dialog transient for...
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: set transient parent for rename window
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldBUILD: propagate config variables to windows build...
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: cleanup obsolete include
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldTODO--
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: remove old rename op dialog
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: move operator rename to popup dialog
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldVST: fix compilation on non-windows platforms
2018-03-30 Stefan WesterfeldTODO--
2018-03-29 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add workaround for configure events
2018-03-29 Stefan Westerfeld.gitignore updates for windows builds
2018-03-29 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: add #! to mk-setup.sh
2018-03-29 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO--
2018-03-29 Stefan Westerfeldbuild script
2018-03-29 Stefan WesterfeldVST: added manual vst resize code from JUCE
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: installer cleanups, make plugindir.txt hidden
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: set english as setup language
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: don't generate redundant SetOutPath commands
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: avoid start menu entries
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: add uninstall information
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: installer: fix shortcut creation on windows
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: avoid potentially dangerous RMDir /r $INSTDIR
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldVST: setup windows data dir properly
2018-03-28 Stefan WesterfeldVST: add -luuid on windows (IShellLink)
2018-03-27 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO~
2018-03-27 Stefan WesterfeldTODO~
2018-03-27 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: provide windows specific function to resolve shortcuts
2018-03-27 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: create uninstaller shortcut
2018-03-27 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: fix uninstall for SpectMorph.dll
2018-03-27 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: make basic uninstall work
2018-03-27 Stefan WesterfeldWINDOWS: add basic nsis installer
2018-03-26 Stefan WesterfeldTODO~
2018-03-26 Stefan WesterfeldDATA: update presets to use new linear morph inplace...
2018-03-26 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: merge signal unref/cleanup to avoid accessing...
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: add missing include
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO++
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO++
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldVST: debug areas can be enabled from config now
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: remove Config implementation (moved to lib)
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: support enabling debugging areas from config file
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldBUILD: build Config class
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: move Config class here (from glui directory)
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: move debug files to user data dir
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: don't count contents of WavSetRepo in LeakDebugger
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: provide hook in LeakDebugger to allow cleanup...
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: fix memory leak in effect decoder
2018-03-24 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add missing update() on combobox menu close
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldTODO~
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldLV2: use morph plan load default function
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldVST: use morph plan load default function
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldJACK: use morph plan load default function
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: use morph plan load default function
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: provide function to load default morph plan
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: restore old plan if morph plan load() fails
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: TODO~
2018-03-23 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: update meta header
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: center message box text
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: display morphplan open/save errors
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: whitespace cleanup in label
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add MessageBox class for showing critical errors
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldLIB: detect some morph plan loading errors and return...
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: display combobox menu above combobox if there...
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: auto_redraw: use update_full()
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add necessary update() calls for line edit
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: force full update after dialog close
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add missing checkbox update
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: avoid unnecessary updates in combobox
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: provide debugging for update region
2018-03-22 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add update() calls to button
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: update() on frame color change
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: fix crash due to object deletion in signal
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: added update() for basic scrolling
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add necessary update() code to scroll bar
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: make set_enabled|set_visible recursively update...
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: use less expensive update for widget deletion
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: add combobox update calls
2018-03-21 Stefan WesterfeldGLUI: full update if new widgets appear, or old widgets...