2010-05-16 Stefan WesterfeldNEWS for spectmorph-0.0.2. spectmorph-0.0.2
2010-05-16 Stefan WesterfeldInclude doxi files in the tarball.
2010-05-16 Stefan Westerfeldtest doesn't support test str == str with every shell...
2010-05-16 Stefan WesterfeldTODO updates.
2010-05-15 Stefan WesterfeldOverview document is written.
2010-05-15 Stefan WesterfeldDocumentation updated.
2010-05-15 Stefan WesterfeldDocumentation updates.
2010-05-15 Stefan WesterfeldDocumentation updates.
2010-05-15 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODO.
2010-05-15 Stefan WesterfeldRenamed meaning to noise ; documentation fixes.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldMan pages are finished now.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldAdded see also links to the documentation.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldDocumentation updates.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldDocumentation updates.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldCleanup options.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldDocumentation cleanup.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODO.
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldPrebuilt documentation for those without a suitable...
2010-05-14 Stefan WesterfeldAdded initial version of SpectMorph command line tools...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldGet rid of misleading API / implementation comments.
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldUpdates.
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldAdapted test to API change; test both: ADD and REPLACE...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldAdded smenc -s to write stripped models.
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldVectorSin API change: allow mode = ADD | REPLACE, to...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldUse float vector sin for smplay - the precision of...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldOptimization: remove redundant float_vector_delta(...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldUse fast sin approximation in optimization pass.
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldReplaced double variant of vector sin with float varian...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldOptimize spectral_subtract using fast float vector...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldOptimize sin() only variant of fast vector sine approxi...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldCheck for SSE capable compiler, and build SSE support...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldAdded tests for performance and accuracy of the SSE...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldAdded SSE optimized version of sincos() vector function.
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldOptimized refine_sine_params_fast (smenc -O1) using...
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldAdded fast vector sin and fast vector sincos test.
2010-05-12 Stefan WesterfeldAdded fast vector sincos() operation.
2010-05-11 Stefan WesterfeldPerformance optimization: get rid of many sincos()...
2010-05-11 Stefan WesterfeldMake "make distcheck" pass.
2010-05-10 Stefan WesterfeldUse -O0 for tests.
2010-05-06 Stefan WesterfeldPerformance optimization in spectral subtract.
2010-05-06 Stefan WesterfeldCleanup smag/cmag names (no more phase[a/b]).
2010-05-06 Stefan WesterfeldMake optimization level more configurable with -O0...
2010-05-06 Stefan WesterfeldClean up make check code.
2010-05-05 Stefan WesterfeldTODO++
2010-05-04 Stefan WesterfeldMore TODO.
2010-05-03 Stefan WesterfeldUpdated spectmorph doc.
2010-05-03 Stefan WesterfeldAdded docs subdirectory.
2010-05-03 Stefan WesterfeldMore documentation.
2010-05-03 Stefan WesterfeldImprove doxygen documentation.
2010-05-03 Stefan WesterfeldAdded a script which builds gprof versions of smenc...
2010-05-03 Stefan WesterfeldUse one sin() call with correct phase instead of sin...
2010-05-03 Stefan WesterfeldUse static for functions that should not be exported.
2010-05-01 Stefan Westerfeldrename: stwplay -> smplay
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldMake "make check" nicer.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldRemove more unwanted debugging output.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldUse odd/centered FFT.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldUse odd/centered analysis.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldAlways use odd frame size.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldMove smenc flags to variable.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldDon't reconstruct noise for noise-free tests.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldImprove accuracy of refine_sine_params_fast.
2010-04-30 Stefan WesterfeldRemove overly verbose debugging output.
2010-04-29 Stefan WesterfeldAdded new test consisting of a 440 Hz sine + 4567 Hz...
2010-04-29 Stefan WesterfeldAdd sin 440 Hz test signal.
2010-04-29 Stefan Westerfeldgitignore++
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldRefactoring: simplify encoder interface by removing...
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldImprove spectral subtraction (and thus approximation...
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldNamespace cleanups.
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldMove STFT code to Encoder class.
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldRefactoring: rename STWAFile -> SpectMorph::AudioFile
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldMove SineDecoder to library.
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldMove NoiseDecoder to lib.
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldAdded first version of a doxygen configuration file.
2010-04-28 Stefan WesterfeldOptimized Encoder::link_partials for speed. Its *a...
2010-04-27 Stefan WesterfeldMinor fixes.
2010-04-27 Stefan WesterfeldMove more code from smenc.cc to smencoder.cc.
2010-04-27 Stefan WesterfeldRemove unused code.
2010-04-27 Stefan WesterfeldMove encoder code to library as SpectMorph::Encoder...
2010-04-27 Stefan WesterfeldMore refactoring: move encoder code to its own class.
2010-04-27 Stefan WesterfeldRefactoring: start moving encoder coder into a seperate...
2010-04-26 Stefan WesterfeldTODO updates.
2010-04-26 Stefan WesterfeldCONFIGURE: Proper default for boost numeric bindings...
2010-04-26 Stefan WesterfeldAdded somewhat working python binding.
2010-04-26 Stefan WesterfeldAdd proper configure checks for boost-numeric-bindings.
2010-04-23 Stefan WesterfeldMerge branch 'master' of space.twc.de:/public/git/spect...
2010-04-23 Stefan WesterfeldClean up configure stuff and include development packag...
2010-04-23 Stefan WesterfeldImprove error handling for pkg-config and liblapack...
2010-04-23 Stefan WesterfeldTODO updates.
2010-04-23 Stefan WesterfeldStarted to implement sequence functionality for Audio...
2010-04-22 Stefan WesterfeldFix awk test, which failed for languages with different...
2010-04-22 Stefan WesterfeldCheck for automake, autoconf, libtool and pkg-config
2010-04-22 Stefan WesterfeldTODO++
2010-04-22 Stefan WesterfeldTODO updates.
2010-04-21 Stefan WesterfeldTODO updates
2010-04-21 Stefan WesterfeldMake distcheck pass.
2010-04-21 Stefan WesterfeldAdded saw440.wav for the test.
2010-04-21 Stefan WesterfeldAdded feature test.
2010-04-21 Stefan WesterfeldUse version from automake.
2010-04-21 Stefan WesterfeldMore gitignore.
2010-04-21 Stefan WesterfeldMore gitignore files.