class AudioSubSystem

Full nameArts::AudioSubSystem
Definition#include <arts/audiosubsys.h>
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enum { ioRead=1, ioWrite=2, ioExcept=4 }; }

AudioSubSystem * the ()


bool  attachProducer (ASProducer *producer)

bool  attachConsumer (ASConsumer *consumer)

void  detachProducer ()

void  detachConsumer ()

void  audioIO (const std::string& audioIO)

std::string  audioIO ()

void  deviceName (const std::string& deviceName)

std::string  deviceName ()

void  fragmentSize (int size)

int  fragmentSize ()

void  fragmentCount (int fragments)

int  fragmentCount ()

void  samplingRate (int samplingrate)

int  samplingRate ()

void  channels (int channels)

int  channels ()

void  format (int format)

int  format ()

void  fullDuplex (bool newFullDuplex)

bool  fullDuplex ()

bool  check ()

int  open ()

const char * error ()

void  handleIO (int type)

bool  open (int& fd)

void  read (void *buffer, int size)

void  write (void *buffer, int size)

bool  running ()

returns true as long as the audio subsystem is opened and active (that is, between successful opening, with attaching producer, and the first detachConsumer/detachProducer)

bool  needCPU ()

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