class CachedWav

Full nameArts::CachedWav
Definition#include <arts/cachedwav.h>
InheritsArts::CachedObject [public ]
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struct stat oldstat

[protected: ]

std::string filename

[protected: ]

bool initOk

[protected: ]

 CachedWav (Cache *cache, std::string filename)

[protected: ]

 ~CachedWav ()

[protected: ]

typedef unsigned char uchar

[protected: ]

double samplingRate

long bufferSize

int channelCount

int sampleWidth

unsigned char * buffer

CachedWav * load (Cache *cache, std::string filename)


bool  isValid ()

validity test for the cache - returns false if the object is having reflecting the correct contents anymore (e.g. if the file on the disk has changed), and there is no point in keeping it in the cache any longer

Reimplemented from CachedObject.

int  memoryUsage ()

memory usage for the cache

Reimplemented from CachedObject.

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