class Connection

Contains pure virtuals
Full nameArts::Connection
Definition#include <arts/connection.h>
Inherited bySocketConnection, TCPConnection, UnixConnection
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enum ConnectionState {unknown = 0, expectServerHello = 1, expectClientHello = 2, expectAuthAccept = 3, established = 4 }

Buffer * rcbuf

[protected: ]

bool receiveHeader

[protected: ]

long remaining

[protected: ]

long messageType

[protected: ]

ConnectionState _connState

[protected: ]

std::string serverID

[protected: ]

std::string _cookie

[protected: ]

long _refCnt

[protected: ]

void  initReceive ()

[protected: ]

If you don't want to handle message fragmentation yourself:

Call initReceive in your derived Connection constructor, ald receive as soon as you receive some data - the connection object will handle the rest (put the messages into buffers and send them to the dispatcher)

void  receive (unsigned char *data, long len)

[protected: ]

 ~Connection ()

[protected: virtual]

 Connection ()

inline void  setServerID (std::string _serverID)

inline bool  isConnected (std::string s)

inline void  setConnState (ConnectionState cs)

inline std::string  cookie ()

void  setCookie (std::string c)

inline ConnectionState  connState ()

void  drop ()

[pure virtual]

bool  broken ()

[pure virtual]

void  qSendBuffer (Buffer *buffer)

[pure virtual]

void  _release ()

void  _copy ()

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