class GenericDataPacket

Contains pure virtuals
Full nameArts::GenericDataPacket
Definition#include <arts/datapacket.h>
Inherited byByteDataPacket, DataPacket, FloatDataPacket, RawDataPacket
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long  _dataPacketCount ()


the amount of active data packets (memory leak debugging only)

GenericDataChannel * channel

void  ensureCapacity (int capacity)

[pure virtual]

ensureCapactity ensures that there is room for at least capacity Elements in the packet. This is implemented destructive - that means: you may not find your old contents in the packet after calling ensureCapacity

void  read (Buffer& stream)

[pure virtual]

read/write write the contents of the packet. Read will also automatically ensure that capacity is adapted before reading.

void  write (Buffer& stream)

[pure virtual]

int size

int useCount

inline void  send ()

useCount is to be set from sendPacket

inline void  processed ()

 ~GenericDataPacket ()


 GenericDataPacket (GenericDataChannel *channel)

[protected: ]

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