class MCOPUtils

Full nameArts::MCOPUtils
Definition#include <arts/mcoputils.h>
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std::string  createFilePath (std::string name)


Returns the full pathname to a file in the mcop directory which is called "name". It will also care that no other characters than A-Z,a-z,0-9,-,_ occur.

The result is something like /tmp/mcop-<username>/name, the directory will be created when necessary.

std::string  getFullHostname ()


Returns the fully qualified hostname, such as "" (of course this may fail due to misconfiguration).

The result is "localhost" if nothing at all can be found out.

std::string  readConfigEntry (const std::string& key, const std::string& defaultValue = "")


Returns configuration values from .mcoprc

unsigned long  makeIID (const std::string& interfaceName)


Makes an interface ID from string - if the given string is already known, the returned IID will be the one returned last time. If not, a new IID is generated

const std::vector<std::string> * traderPath ()


Returns the directories for the trader to look into

const std::vector<std::string> * extensionPath ()


Returns the directories from where extensions can be loaded

bool  tokenize (const std::string& line, std::string& key, std::vector<std::string>& values)


Tokenization of a key = value1, "value 2", "value III" line into the key and the values.

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