struct InterfaceDef

InterfaceDef - interface definition structure More...

Full nameArts::InterfaceDef
Definition#include <arts/core.idl>
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InterfaceDef - interface definition structure

defines what methods/attributes a particular interface supports: these do not contain the methods/attributes of inherited interfaces.

inheritedInterfaces only contains the names of Interfaces that this one inherits in exactly one step. So to see if interface XYZ is inherited from ABC, you need to check the "inheritedInterfaces" of XYZ, and their "inheritedInterfaces" and their "inheritedInterfaces" and so on.

- NB20000320: defaultPorts allows to connect to those port by default if connection is made in the corresponding direction. It cannot be just an attribute flag because of the syntax on a separate line.

hints is reserved for future extensions, such as default, min and maxvalues

string name

sequence<string> inheritedInterfaces

sequence<MethodDef> methods

sequence<AttributeDef> attributes

sequence<string> defaultPorts

sequence<string> hints

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