interface SimpleSoundServer

This is a very simple sound server interface More...

Full nameArts::SimpleSoundServer
Definition#include <arts/soundserver.idl>
Inherited bySoundServer
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This is a very simple sound server interface

WARNING: This currently inherits a KMedia2 PlayObjectFactory for test purposes, but don't rely on that

readonly attribute StereoEffectStack outstack

long  play (string filename)

tries to play the sound in "filename"

returns an ID when success 0 when it fails

readonly attribute float minStreamBufferTime

readonly attribute float serverBufferTime

void  attach (ByteSoundProducer producer)

attaches a byte sound producer (read: a client which produces/mixes an audio stream itself and just wants playback via the soundserver)

void  detach (ByteSoundProducer producer)

detaches a previous attached byte sound producer

object  createObject (string name)

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