interface SynthModule

The SynthModule interface is the base for all modules containing streams. More...

Full nameArts::SynthModule
Definition#include <arts/artsflow.idl>
Inherited byByteSoundProducer, ByteStreamToAudio, Interface_MIDI_NOTE, MidiReleaseHelper, StereoEffect, StereoEffectStack, StereoFFTScope, StereoVolumeControl, Structure, Synth_ADD, Synth_AMAN_PLAY, Synth_AMAN_RECORD, Synth_ATAN_SATURATE, Synth_AUTOPANNER, Synth_BRICKWALL_LIMITER, Synth_BUS_DOWNLINK, Synth_BUS_UPLINK, Synth_CAPTURE_WAV, Synth_CDELAY, Synth_DATA, Synth_DEBUG, Synth_DELAY, Synth_ENVELOPE_ADSR, Synth_FM_SOURCE, Synth_FREEVERB, Synth_FREQUENCY, Synth_FX_CFLANGER, Synth_MIDI_DEBUG, Synth_MIDI_TEST, Synth_MOOG_VCF, Synth_MUL, Synth_MULTI_ADD, Synth_NIL, Synth_NOISE, Synth_PITCH_SHIFT, Synth_PLAY, Synth_PLAY_WAV, Synth_PSCALE, Synth_RC, Synth_RECORD, Synth_SEQUENCE, Synth_SHELVE_CUTOFF, Synth_STD_EQUALIZER, Synth_STRUCT_KILL, Synth_TREMOLO, Synth_WAVE_PULSE, Synth_WAVE_SIN, Synth_WAVE_SOFTSAW, Synth_WAVE_SQUARE, Synth_WAVE_TRI, Synth_XFADE, WavPlayObject
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The SynthModule interface is the base for all modules containing streams.

There are two goals achieved by this interface. On one side, there is functionality which users of stream carrying modules want to use (which is: start streaming, stop streaming).

On the other hand, there is functionality which the flow system will use to achieve these goals.

void  start ()

This function starts the streaming (e.g. the module will start producing samples) - if you write a module, do not reimplement this, instead reimplement streamInit/streamStart

void  stop ()

This function stops the streaming - if you write a plugin, do not reimplement this, instead reimplement streamEnd

void  streamInit ()

this is supposed to be the initialization every module passes after all attributes have been set up (e.g. you can see which file to open, how to initialize your filter coefficients or whatever)

void  streamStart ()

starts the I/O of the module

void  streamEnd ()

stop the thing again, and free data possibly allocated in streamInit

readonly attribute AutoSuspendState autoSuspend

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