The K Desktop Environment

2.8. artscontrol

This is a graphical utility for performing a number of tasks related to the sound server. The default window displays two volume level indicators and a slider to control overall output volume. From the View menu you can select other functions:

FFT Scope

Opens a window which shows a real-time spectrum analyzer style display.

Audio Manager

Displays active sound sources and allows you to connect them to any of the available busses.

aRts Status

Shows if the sound server is running and if scheduling is real-time. Indicates when server will autosuspend and allows you to suspend it immediately.

Midi Manager

Shows active Midi inputs and outputs and allows you to make connections [TODO: Does this work yet? Need more detail].


Connects a FreeVerb reverb effect to the stack of aRts output effects and allows you to control the effect parameters graphically.

Leds-like volume display

Changes the volume indicators in the main window to use a colored LED display format instead of progress bars.