aRts/MCOP development snapshots

Here you can get development snapshots. Do not expect them to be useful in a practical way. But you can see how things are going, and if you are a developer, you can play with it, start writing modules, familiarize with the concept or whatever.

You can compile and install them using the usual:

  make install
No warranty that they even compile or are complete.

arts-snapshot-20020503.tgz 626807 Bytes
arts-snapshot-20020504.tgz 626796 Bytes
arts-snapshot-20020505.tgz 626804 Bytes
arts-snapshot-20020506.tgz 627455 Bytes

If you already have a snapshot, and have cvs installed, you can usually update it to the latest greatest version via anonymous CVS. Some of the files from the build system, which rarely change, are not from CVS, so it sometimes does not work. To update, go to the directory the snapshot was extracted to, and do:

  ( cd arts ; cvs login )    # <- only the very first time, no password (return)
  ( cd arts ; cvs -z3 update )
  ( cd admin ; cvs -z3 update )
  ( cd libltdl ; cvs -z3 update )
  make -f Makefile.cvs

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