foldroid - Mail Folder Selection Tool




Foldroid is a convenient tool to navigate through your mail folders, designed to be used with mutt (or another text based mail reader). It shows how many messages are in each folder and how many of them are new. This, combined with a tool like procmail to sort mails of mailing lists into separate folders makes selecting the right folder to run mutt with easy. Foldroid works best when you run it in a screen session, because then, it starts every instance of mutt in its own screen.

foldroid is implemented in C++ and licensed under the GNU LGPL.


foldroid uses a configuration file, ~/.foldroidrc, which you need to write before you can use it. The possible configuration commands are

  • folder_dir "<directory>"
    The directory your mail folders are stored in. If you don't specify a folder dir, foldroid will search your mail folders in ~/Mail (unless you use absolute path names).
  • folder "<mboxfile>"
    Adds a folder to the list of folders that are scanned by foldroid. It is possible use "*" as wildcard when specifying folders, like "sent-mail-*" to match any mbox file that starts with "sent-mail-".
  • folder "<mboxfile>" "<label>"
    This works exactly like the one argument version, however the label is shown in the menu instead of the filename. Creative use of this feature can ensure that the folders (which are sorted alphabetically) appear in a certain order.
  • open_command "<command>"
    The command foldroid runs if you select a folder. If you omit this, it defaults to "screen mutt -f '%s'", which is ok if you run foldroid within screen. If you don't use screen, you may want to change this to "mutt -f '%s'".