class DelayedReturn

The "DelayedReturn" class implements delayed returning from functions. More...

Full nameArts::DelayedReturn
Definition#include <arts/delayedreturn.h>
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The "DelayedReturn" class implements delayed returning from functions.

For instance, suppose you would like to return from a wait() operation only after a certain time has passed, without blocking other clients from using your interface during this time.

Your implementation (in the skel file) of wait should look like this

 static DelayedReturn *delayedReturn = 0;

 bool TimeServer::waitUntil(long time)
     if(time(0) < time)
     	   // ... initialize timer here ...
         delayedReturn = Dispatcher::the()->delayReturn();
     return false; 

 void timerEvent()

NOTE: this class breaks for local use (i.e. you can only use it if the call was a remote call), so it is strongly recommended not to use it unless there is no alternative (and you should really know what you are doing, too).

Buffer * buffer

[protected: ]

Connection * connection

[protected: ]

 DelayedReturn ()

[protected: ]

void  initialize (Connection *connection, Buffer *buffer)

[protected: ]

 ~DelayedReturn ()

[protected: ]

void  doReturn (const AnyConstRef& value)

call this only once to make the request really return

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