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I am a free software developer and student of computer science and philosophy. I also consider myself a musician, I like both, real piano playing and making music using software.

Recently, I also started a blog.

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SpectMorph - analysis/resynthesis of musical instrument sounds (to produce new sounds)
liquidsfz - SFZ sampler library designed to be used included in other software
audiowmark - audio watermarking
gst123 - command line music player based on GStreamer
Anklang - a DAW based on C++ and Electron/Browser (BEAST successor)
BEAST - music composition and modular synthesis application
aRts - synthesis and media framework used by KDE2 and KDE3 [no longer maintained by me]
Cut and Play - small java presentation software
jacksampler - a minimal sampler using JACK
quickOpenJPEG - experimental performance optimized version of the OpenJPEG JPEG2000 library



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