For those (like me) who are using mutt or a similar text mode mail reader, foldroid is a convenient tool to navigate through your mail folders. It shows how many messages are in each folder and how many of them are new. This, combined with a tool like procmail to sort mails of mailing lists into separate folders makes selecting the right folder to run mutt with easy. Foldroid works best when you run it in a screen session, because then, it starts every instance of mutt in its own screen.

It is implemented in C++ and licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2

Getting foldroid

The current version of foldroid is foldroid-0.0.2, and can be downloaded here: The git repository can be cloned like this:

git clone


Here is a screenshots with the menu foldroid creates for my mail folders:

Documentation (foldroid-0.0.2)

Older versions

Older versions are
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