BeastBuild - compiling BEAST on Windows

About BeastBuild

BeastBuild is a tool to compile BEAST and all of its dependancies on Windows automatically. BeastBuild has a description of all packages required for building beast (such as libogg or guile), containing

Once the required packages to run BeastBuild are installed, running BeastBuild will automatically download, patch, compile and install everything required to run beast. Requirements to run BeastBuild:

Instructions for Building

  1. Install Python for Windows. Version 2.6.2 works fine. A 3.x.y Version will not work.
  2. Install msysGit for Windows (I tested version; probably more or less any version will work).
  3. After having installed Python, you need to uncompress the beastbuild zip file in the C:\ directory. If it uncompresses to beastbuild-0.1.0 (or some other version), rename the folder to beastbuild-git
  4. Edit C:\beastbuild-git\ and save it as C:\beastbuild-git\
  5. Open a Command Prompt
  6. Add the Python directory to your PATH by typing:
    C:\> set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Python26
  7. Change to the beastbuild-cvs directory
    C:\> cd beastbuild-cvs
  8. Start the build process
    C:\beastbuild-cvs> python
  9. wait a few hours until the compile process is finished
  10. if everything went well, you can now run
    C:\beastbuild-cvs> C:\beast\bin\beast

The git repository (bleeding edge)

You can get the latest/greatest version from the beastbuild git repository, using

git clone

You can also browse the repository online via gitweb

Download a release

The current release of BeastBuild is 0.1.3
There is also an Installer, if you just want to use Beast setup-beast-0.7.2-0.1.3.exe

Note that currently, we're still working on the port, this release is something like an alpha version. So it may not work as well as the Linux version of Beast. In particular, you may have to set the audio latency to 200 ms or higher in the File -> Settings -> Bse tab.

Older releases

Screenshot of Beast running on Windows

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