stwbeast is a git repository containing not yet merged fixes and enhancements for the official beast git repository. It's my private repository I use to store proposals of how beast development should proceed. Often the proposals take the form of branches implementing a single fix or new idea. This page keeps track of these branches, their function and their merge status. This repo is not meant for daily musicians use, but for development proposals only

The git repository can be cloned like this:

git clone

and browsed via gitweb

Overview of the active branches

bug-612281 Fixes audible high frequency artifacts for 96kHz samples (see also #612281) merge request sent 20100602
timeout merge sent 20100624
needs more work
gslfft-fftw-compat Make gslfft results compatible with FFTW results merge request sent 20101013
timeout merge sent 20101105
soundfont-support SoundFont support via libfluidsynth merge request sent 20101109
scm-wait-with-mainloop Speedup bsescm startup time merge request sent 20110222
midi-tempo-changes Add a mastertrack object to the song to support midi tempo changes under development
flac-support Add support for reading FLAC files under development

Branches that have been merged into upstream beast

bug-437469 Fixes bug #437369 (Doxer support for bullet lists in man pages) merged 20100610
bug-477275 Fixes bug #477275 (Implementation of doxer_warn_if_fail/if_reached) merged 20100610
aligned-array Moves AlignedArray class to Birnet::AlignedArray merged 20100613
perftest-fixes Improves the accuracy of the C++ binding performance test merged 20100616
docs-html Fix makefile rules in docs directory (original reporters make output) merged 20100616
alsa-fixes Fixes crash in the ALSA driver (see also #577340) merged 20100701
bsewavetool-del-chunk Added command to bsewavetool to delete chunks merged 20100803 (original merge request)
subnormals2-amd64 Fix subnormals test on processors in denormals are zero (DAZ) mode, like AMD64 merged 20110109 (original merge request)
strchr-speedup2 Speed up field name canonicalization merged 20110320 (original merge request)
bug-433311 C++ port of the DavOrgan plugin (see also #433311) merged 20110508 (original merge request)
bsescm2cxx C++ port of bsescm merged 20110516 (original merge request)
bse2cxx-part1 C++ port of bse code merged 20110627 (original merge request)
bse2cxx-part2 C++ port of bse code merged 20110704 (original merge request)

Branches that been rejected

strchr-speedup Speed up field name canonicalization merge request sent 20101104
better implementation in strchr-speedup2 branch
subnormals-amd64 Fix subnormals test on processors in denromals are zero (DAZ) mode, like AMD64 not merged: discussion
better implementation in subnormals2-amd64 branch
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