About twcbackup

twcbackup is usually run automatically (from cron) every night to generate a backup of all your data. Every time twcbackup is run, it sends a report by e-mail. These reports show whether the backup succeeded or not and contain a detailed backup log.

The backup settings can be edited using the graphical configuration program twcbackupconf.

As backup methods rsync, tar, postgres dumps and bfsync backups are supported. The recommended backup method to backup files is the bfsync backup. It supports:

twcbackup is implemented in Perl and licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.

Getting twcbackup

The current version of twcbackup is twcbackup-1.0.1, and can be downloaded here:

Overview of Changes in twcbackup-1.0.1

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Documentation (twcbackup-1.0.1)

Issue tracker

If you have issues/bugs related to twcbackup, you can use the issue tracker at google code.

Discussion group

There is a group on google groups you can join to discuss questions related to using twcbackup and development topics.

Older versions

Older versions are

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